Why Having a “Junk Box” Might Be the Answer to Keeping Your Home Picked Up Without A lot of Effort

So you cleaned your house um what was it.. oh yeah this morning and as you brush your teeth, turn out the lights look around and there is stuff everywhere you literally feel like someone could go ahead and put you out of your misery now and you would totally be okay with that.

Day in and day out it feels like the same thing and you start to feel like what’s the point? Mainly because you look around and though there are those things that have a set place and you can readily put them away, there are three dozen other things that are small and that don’t have a place right off. What to do, what to do? You can either get rid of such useless or unneeded items through philadelphia estate cleanout or you can find a box that can accommodate all these items and use that box as your stuffing box. 

Have a stuffing box, kind of like those junk drawer things! Yes, you heard me right, have an actual junk spot that you can toss stuff into at the end of the day or in the middle of the day if you’re so inclined.

The stuff that is cluttering your house, the stuff you just don’t know where to put but may need at one point and so it stays out and makes you feel bad all the time.

Why does this rather than feel guilty and not get anything done?

Simple, it is attainable and not overwhelming. If you look around at everything and try to motivate yourself to get it cleaned up you’re going to fall flat on your face most of the time. Repetitive cleaning of the same things day in and day out is not exactly the most enjoyable pastime ever for us normal people.

However, if you simply have to go through the main areas of the house toss stuff into a container, wipe a few counters down or straighten a few pillows to make things seem a little more tidied then you are going to do it.

So how do you do it? This is the hard part.

Take a box, a basket, a tub or whatever you would like to take it around and toss stuff in it! Difficult I know. Anything that is not huge yet is still needed, toss it in. This may sound ridiculous but take out the humor and think about the logic in it and what it can do for you

  1. Instead of picking up a piece here and a piece there, going back and forth between places you gather it all into one place. Contained and ready to be sorted quickly.
  2. The immense relief mentally to look around and see a picked up room with one big box of miscellaneous stuff rather than a big room with a bunch of miscellaneous stuff everywhere.
  3. It’s not overwhelming. It’s conquerable. It’s doable.

So what do you do once you have done this for a few days to a week? You sit down and sort for twenty minutes, putting things that go together in piles, things that go to the same place in the house in a pile, things that have been showing up in your box for the last 2 months that should make you sick and tired of having to sort it, so you once and for all bid, it farewell and send it off to be donated or to the trash pile.

You’re asking could it really be that simple. The answer is yes. Is there a catch? Yes.

This method is to condense, control and help you feel like you can stay on top of things. Just don’t let your box or two become three or four. Don’t let it go for more than a week, two at tops. Anytime the box starts overflowing onto the floor that’s your sign that you do indeed need to take your twenty min. Other than that it’s an easy way to stay encouraged in your battle to keep things looking a bit tidier

Try it out. You just might say goodbye to those hour-long evening clean-ups.