Which Is The Best Web Hosting?

For a small monthly price, you can find a reliable web host that ensures your customers have quick access to all of your content. Some web hosts also do not provide the type of platforms that allow customers to perform online transactions.

Service Plans

Hostgator currently offers a choice between 3 plans, name Hatchling, Baby and Business. All three plans differ from each other for the provided features. For example, the hatchling plan only supports hosting for a single domain, while the other two support unlimited domains. There are many other differences in the plans, and so are the prices of the same.

Unturned Server Hosting keeps a stress free and confusion-free environment by providing a single plan that covers everything. Therefore, it provides every possible thing in an unlimited number be it the number of domains supported, number of email accounts, bandwidth etc.

Reason No stress for any beginner. Most of the things are unlimited, hence keeping it comfortable for anyone to use.

Pricing and Benefits

Pricing is by far the most important factor of any web hosting company. Beginners usually consider the prices, rather than other great advantages.

The prices are almost same, but one thing to look at is that Hostgators minimum plan ($3.96) supports the use of one single domain that means that to host more than one site, the price is much higher.


While both of the companies use cPanel to handle the hosting tasks along with other things, there are quite a few differences. It provides a bit more complicated user-interface because of the complicated placement and arrangement of items within the cPanel. Installation of applications might be a bit confusing for any first-time user for Hostgator.

Bluehost, on the other hand, provides a very flexible user-interface. Installation of applications such as WordPress, Joomla etc. is just a click away. Any first time user will not find it hard to get working.