Tips to Keep You Safe When Using A Jointer Planer

Some people say that it is a necessity to use a jointer planer in a woodworking shop. But there are also some words of precautions that comes with it. Therefore, if you intend to use a jointer planer on your own shop, it might be a good idea to take note of these tips that we are about to give you.

Don’t Forget To Use Earplugs And Googles

You have to remember that woodworking power tools are always unpredictable. You never know when something might fly up and get to your eyes. You can avoid dangerous situations just by using earplugs and googles before turning on the machine. 

Be Wary Of The Size Of The Wood

A jointer can be pretty useful if you want to make sure that your wood is straight but certain situations can go out of hand pretty quickly if you aren’t aware of the size of the wood you are using. If the wood isn’t as big as the jointer, it is important to use a block pane. Otherwise, the wood could fly straight to your face. Not only will you suffer an injury but you might also get blind as well. 

Get Rid Of All The Obstacles

It is pretty obvious that working with wood is not as easy as taking a walk in the park. That being said, you need to prepare your space before you start working. This means you need to make sure that there is plenty of space for you to move. Before turning the machine on, you should make sure that all obstacles on the floor are removed. That way, you will be able to stand straight and will be allowed to freely move each time there is a need to. 

Those are pretty useful tips but one thing you shouldn’t skip is getting The Best Benchtop Jointer in the Market of 2020. If you don’t do that, none of our tips will help you.