Things To Remember In Applying Vietnam Visa For Indian Citizens

Processing of Vietnam visa for Indian citizens is now much more convenient because of online application. Compared to traditional process, you can now avoid the hassles of going to office after office and wait for quite a long time just to have your visa. However, there are important notes that you must remember upon applying for Vietnam visa.

What to Remember in Applying Vietnam Visa for Indian Citizens?

In going through online application of Vietnam visa, you still have to take note about few things to avoid problems. Here are some of them:

  • You have to secure your passport first, and make sure you have one whole page available for your visa stamp. All the details you need to supply in the online application form should reflect details in your passport. You must also keep a page for the Vietnam visa because it’s a sticker which is about the size of 1 passport page.
  • Make sure to complete all the requirements you need to present upon arriving at one of the 3 Vietnam international airports. Print out the approval letter and entry form that will be sent into your email, 2 business days after your application.
  • You can only apply Vietnam visa for Indian citizens within 6 months before your arrival at Vietnam. If you’re not sure when you would arrive, you can set an earlier date before your planned arrival.
  • Always keep in mind the rules and regulations about Vietnam visa upon your stay. For instance, you’re only allowed to have 30 days or 90 days’ visa, albeit you can always extend if you need to.

These are just few of the things you need to remember upon applying for Vietnam visa for Indian citizens. You can read more about it for more information, and be sure you’ll be having a great travel ahead.