Stretching And Its Benefits On Health

Health is wealth’ and ‘Deadman needs no riches’ are the two proverbs that highlight the importance of health in a person’s life. After all, in order to enjoy the luxuries and pleasures of life, one has to be at least physically capable to do so. Exercising is a great way to be fit and healthy and ‘exercise’ is a broad term comprising of several activities such as – Jogging, skipping rope, strength workout, stretching, yoga, etc. This article solely focuses on stretching.

What is stretching?

Stretching is a kind of physical activity in which a specific body part ( the muscles and tendons of arms, legs, torso, neck, and back) are stretched or flexed. Stretching is an activity encoded in the genes of animals and humans, thus every animal from dogs to lions perform some basic form of stretching.

Stretching can be performed in two ways – Static, in which one body is stationary and only the part to be stretched is moved or Dynamic, in which the whole body attains a specific pose and moves in rhythm with the part to be stretched.

Benefits of stretching

Stretching has many benefits which include

  • Prevention of arthritis at an early age.

  • To ‘open up’ the joints of a body in order for them to function properly, giving a person more freedom of movement. Stretching daily can increase the range of motions a person can perform

  • To relieve stresses in the muscles.

  • Increases the flexibility of the body thus everyday activities can be performed with relative ease.

  • Stretching before a physical activity such as exercise, a baseball game, and other events increase the blood flow to the muscles, opens up joints and raises the heartbeat of the body, all of which increases performance in the activity.

lIt improves one posture by straightening out cramped or tense muscles.

Stretching is a great form of exercise which keeps a person physically fit and to keep oneself mentally fit, a person should play strategic games like Poker Online.