sCricket News: No decision on moving CPL event from August 19 start

The Caribbean Premier League, also abbreviated as CPL, is a form of Twenty20 cricket that is held annually, i.e., every year, and the tournament itself is held or takes place in the Caribbean. It originated in the year of 2013 and has replaced the well-known Caribbean Twenty20 ever since. It is a famous tournament that gets a million viewers every year.

Sports-enthusiasts love watching this tournament every time it airs on the Television. It has gained huge popularity over the years. People can keep themselves updated with the current Cpl schedule to know about when their favorite tournament will start. 

What is the current schedule of the CPL event?

As per the recent information, the Cricket Premier League or CPL is scheduled to start from August 19 and is not affected by the coronavirus pandemic as of now. However, they are open to any further changes if the situation calls for it. 

This has been made keeping in mind all the medical factors after consulting the advice of various medical advisors and other officials. There is no current discussion regarding the change in the schedule of the event or moving the date for CPL any further. 

The event is supposed to take place currently between August 19 and September 26 of this year. There is no change in the schedule as the situation currently in the West Indies is stable as compared to other European countries. There have been a few cases in the country of coronavirus, however, the situation is still not that alarming, resulting in almost no changes in the situation presently. 

If you are a CPL fan, then this news regarding the Cpl schedule is bound to make you happy! All the sports enthusiasts can sit at home and watch this tournament easily!