Huawei P10 – An economical cellphone or an utter crap

Android has become the buzz word these days in mobile market. One sector that captured people’s attention towards Android, is its availability in economical mobile phones made by several manufacturers like Samsung, HTC, and Huawei and so on. Economical android mobiles such as Huawei P10, Micromax Ninja, HTC Explorer are quite popular and successful in the low range mobile section.

Huawei P10 in particular is a hot selling mobile phone in the market. Huawei P10 is available in some online shops such as Zoomin for less than 7000 INR. Here is a quick review of Huawei P10 Prezzo from two perspective viz 1. From a normal mobile user and 2. High range mobile user.

What’s bad about Huawei P10

  • Cannot upgrade your Android. This is one huge setback for a smartphone.
  • Lacks support for many applications (mostly games) because of the Android version.
  • Mobile hangs at time. Though not so frequent, it is a issue to be noted.
  • Screen resolution is quite horrible. Although its an economical phone a decent resolution screen would have made it good.
  • Kies Air is not supported. So you cannot transfer kies from your computer using WiFi.
  • What’s good for a normal user

An Android mobile from Huawei at around 7000 is a warm welcome for youngsters. Although you could get Micromax android phones for even lesser amount, Huawei has the brand value which highlights it from the rest of the low range mobile. It does have good hardware specifications which other brand mobile lacks in mid-range mobiles.

Almost all features of Android are available such as Video Player, Play store, Voice Record, Gmail etc. Having seen both the goods and bad of Galaxy Y the overall rating for the product is satisfactory.