All about Melaka

If you are in Malaysia, or planning to take a trip to the country, one of the places you should consider visiting would most definitely have to be Melaka. This actually is one of the most popular destinations for tourists to the said country, simply because it provides a breath of fresh air in terms of the scenery, given that a lot of its infrastructure designs are influenced by and are a combination of various cultures. Before you take that bus to Melaka, here are some other things you have to know about the state.

Why the Diversity?

The reason behind the popularity of the city for tourists is brought about by its diversity. Having said that, Melaka, or Malacca is a place known for its rich cultural and historical background, brought about by the occupancy of various settlers, including Portuguese, British, and Dutch, as well as other fellow Asians, such as the Chinese and Japanese. This gives a rather interesting set of architecture, with the center of the city listed by UNESCO as a world heritage site as of July in 2008, which has, definitely raised the profile of this state, allowing more tourists to flock to this place.

What can you do here?

There are quite a lot of things you can do in this place. The most popular of these activities would include sight-seeing, with the churches, building, and museums which house a lot of unique artifacts brought about by occupancy of various nationalities for several centuries. One of the heritage areas is the Baba and NyonyaPeranakan Museum, and other places for sight-seeing are the Christ Church, Cheng HoonTeng Temple, BengSwee Clock Tower, and the Dutch Square. They also have a night market, as well as several restaurants you can grab a good meal. Moreover, given that it’s a tourist destination, you need not worry about where to sleep as there are several good hotels within the vicinity.