All About Clash Royale

Games that tend to stick to a single genre or gameplay tend to become boring within a few days of playing; that’s why players quickly move from one game to another without really finishing any of them. One of the many games that offer numerous elements is Clash Royale; it incorporates elements from tower defense, collectible card games and multiplayer online battle arena. Before fighting against other players, you’d want to practice to increase the chances of winning. gobelin land serveur privé clash royale and other private servers offer players the chance to be familiar with the battles.

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a strategy game where players are ranked by their overall level and trophy count. As for the level, the highest that a player can achieve is thirteen. Players can advance through the levels by earning experience points by upgrading cards and donating. Meanwhile, the trophies are earned and lost whenever you try your luck at multiplayer battles; you win battles by destroying a higher number of the enemy’s tower compared to the number of towers that the enemy destroyed on your part. An automatic ‘three-crown’ victory is won by successfully destroying the King’s Towers owned by the enemy.

In total, there are eleven playing arenas which exclude the Training Camp and tutorial arena. Back Earlier this year, a feature called ‘Leagues’ we created where players with over 4,000 trophies are added among nine various leagues; the leagues range beginning from Challenger I all the way to Ultimate Champion. Players will receive rewards at after each, these rewards are judged using the top league achieved during that specific season as the basis. Clan Battles was also another feature recently made available. Basically, two players will be able to battle alongside another clan member while facing against enemies from a different clan.