A Brief About UC Browser For Windows 10!

India keeps on working on its technology. The Government tries to improve technology every day by inventing and sometimes banning various applications that might be harmful to India’s people. There are few applications, websites, software that are not designed within the boundaries of India. It can be threatening for our country as hacking is one of the most repetitive crimes in India. Outside countries keep on inventing software for the world, but sometimes, they try to exploit people’s rights by hurting their privacy. They record and leak the data of people. 

Keeping all this in mind, the Government has recently banned the application of UC Browser developed by Chinese web giant Alibaba. It is used for various purposes such as UC Browser for windows 10Android users, iOS, and macOS. It is now illegal to use this application. But if people still want access to this application, they can download it from ucbrowser.io. This website provides an easy download guide for UC Browser. They also have an alternative of UC Browser that is Brave Browser that performs the same, even better. 

Features Of UC Browser – 

The features offered by UC Browser are-

  • It provides excellent downloading speed.
  • UC Browser provides a fast web browsing experience that is very convenient.
  • It also has 20GB of storage in UC Drive, which is available for free.
  • Many ads get played frequently on websites while using them. It is very irritating to use a website in such disturbances. But UC Browser blocks annoying advertisements and viruses on the websites.
  • It also helps save 80% of data as it acts as a data saver for the user.
  • UC Browser allows the user to watch videos, movies, TV series of every taste such as romantic, humor, anime, etc. 

If you wish to use this browser for internet surfing, then download it from ucbrowser.io and enjoy!