Best Pokemon Go Tips

In this post we are going to discuss some hidden pokemon go tips that will help you become a true Pokemon Go Master without any hassle. Simple follow the mentioned tips and play the game like a master.

  • Wait for the circles to shrink: A glance at the colour and size of the circles may increase of chances of nabbing a Pokemon and shirk wasting the Pokeballs. The colour of the circles signifies their strength. Red circle is the strongest, yellow is moderate and green circle is weak. Have patience for the circles to become smaller as this will augment the chances of making the stronger Pokemon stay inside the Pokeball.
  • Gauge the Pokemon that are close to you: Paw prints are indicative of the proximity of the Pokemon. 1 indicates they are closest and 3 shows farthest. When a Pokemon is closer the lower bar will pulse. Be vigilant for the rustling leaves.
  • Landmark Pokestops are important: Common Pokestops includes post offices, sculptures and monuments. National landmarks are important as they provide potions frequently. Make sure you head off for landmark Pokestops as they offer better items.
  • Eggs at Pokestop will trap Pokemon: A certain number of steps in your pedometer will incubate your eggs which is another way to catch a Pokémon. So you need to walk rollerblade and skateboard to hatch the eggs. Driving does not count as steps in the pedometer.
  • Active Lure Modules will attract wild Pokemon: Falling or flowing pink leaves sport Lure Modules and lasts for 30 minutes. 100 coins will fetch you the Lure Module at nearest Pokestop.
  • Stop AR function while catching tame Pokemon: You must always see the tame Pokemon as keep running away. Turning off AR will help you control them easily and make them visible.

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